Ganzhorn Suites Community Relations Director Honored for Spearheading Dementia-Friendly Powell Initiative

Ms. Anne Farley, Ganzhorn Suites Community Relations Director, was recently recognized by the City of Powell for spearheading the Dementia-Friendly Powell Initiative. During a recent city council meeting, Mayor Frank Bertone, presented Anne with a special proclamation.

Through many years of working in senior living, Anne recognized that people living with dementia can become extremely isolated if they start to avoid public and social settings as a result of their disease. "It’s not always easy to be out in the community, at businesses, patronizing places with someone who has dementia, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the behavior of someone suffering from dementia can feel embarrassing in a public setting.  Things like that can preclude people from truly feeling like a part of the community where they live," Farley said.

As a result of her observations and experience, Anne decided to approach local businesses in Powell, the community where she works and lives, to talk about what they could do to help people with dementia feel more comfortable when out in the community. Realizing there are strength in numbers, Anne formed a steering committee to help her launch the  initiative.  Anne and the steering committee encourage local businesses and organizations to offer programs, events, activities and special business hours to serve those with dementia and their caregivers,” 

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