Support for Your Health, Safety & Sanity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you have a loved one living with dementia you may be anxious about how to maintain normalcy during these unprecedented times.  Maintaining a normal routine coupled with extended time at home can feel downright daunting!  Luckily, there are steps you can take to support health, safety and sanity for you and your loved one.


Exercise is essential to physical and mental health. Go outside for a walk around the block or stop by a local park for a brief visit. Just remember to keep the recommended physical distance between you and others enjoying the outdoors.

Since gyms are closed, many are offering online classes. To find out more about virtual classes, visit their websites or check Facebook and Instagram for announcements about online options – many classes are free or low cost. 

A lot of fitness programs are internet based and offer free trials for new participants. Examples include Beachbody, Fitness Blender and Daily Burn just to name a few. You’ll also find a plethora of free exercise programs on YouTube.

From low-impact options to strength and flexibility, there are programs for everyone regardless of one's fitness level or physical abilities.


While sitting in front of the television may seem like a great way to spend your time, it shouldn’t be your only source of entertainment. From Pinterest to Pandora, you’ll find a myriad of free music, podcasts, games and activities on the internet.

Why not consider trying something new? From cooking to crafting and everything in between, options are plentiful on the world wide web! Simply type an activity into the search bar of your browser along with the word tutorial  and you’ll be amazed at the options!

If you’re craving social interaction, considering hosting a virtual coffee break or happy hour with friends or family using FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Being able to see and talk to people is essential to staying connected during these uncertain times!


We all need to eat, and many people need medications and other basic household items in order to stay home for an extended period of time. Shopping can be frustrating and cause anxiety as many stores have challenges keeping shelves stocked. Being around others also puts you and your loved one at risk of exposure. With that said, this is the perfect time to try online ordering with curbside pickup or home delivery. Most grocery stores offer this option, (Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart) and many have waived their fees. Other delivery options include Instacart and Amazon.

If you’d like to learn more ways to support your health, safety and sanity during the COVID-19 pandemic, watch our Facebook video. click here to access the video