How to shop during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’re feeling anxious about shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. We all need to eat, and many people need medications and other basic household items in order to stay home for an extended period. Shopping can be frustrating and time consuming as many stores have challenges keeping shelves stocked. Being around others also puts you and your loved ones at risk of exposure.

With that said, this is the perfect time to try online ordering with curbside pickup or home delivery. Most grocery stores offer one or both options, (Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart) and many have waived their fees. Be sure to order before you run out of food as available pick-up and delivery slots are running 3 to 7 days out in many areas. Other delivery options include Instacart and Amazon but delivery times may be longer than expected due to high demand.

If you choose to shop in-person, check the store’s website before going as many have adjusted their hours in order to clean and restock. If you are a senior or are medically fragile, many stores offer special shopping hours to accommodate your needs and reduce your risk of exposure. Here’s a list of central Ohio stores offering special shopping hours.

What if you need items that aren’t readily available at grocery stores or pharmacies?

With many stores closed, your best bet is the internet as most retailers offer online shopping. From shoes and clothing to appliances and auto parts, just about anything you need can be purchased online.

When purchasing high-demand items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bread and milk, purchase only what you need so others can get what they need too.

Here’s a list of retailers that offer a wide range of products on their websites:











Sam's Club

*The above isn’t an all-inclusive list. If you know of other retailers who offer a wide range of products, comment on this post and we’ll add it to our list.