Our Household Model Helps Reduce the Risk of Exposure and Spread of Infections like COVID-19

Provide Your Loved One with a Safe and Healthy Environment

Everyone deserves to feel at home – especially in uncertain and unfamiliar times. The Ganzhorn Suites’ household model of care enables us to provide a comfortable, safe and home-like environment that helps to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of infections like COVID-19, seasonal flu, and even the common cold.

The Advantages of a Household Model

Unlike a traditional or institutional model of care, residents at the Ganzhorn Suites  live in private suites within small households. Each household is self-contained and functions independently which promotes health and safety by reducing  potential opportunities for viral cross-contamination and the spread of infections like COVID-19.

Each household serves various stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. All four households feature a dedicated kitchen, dining area, den and laundry room. Additional aspects of our household model that contribute to your loved one’s safety and comfort include:

  • A  consistent team of caregivers within each household who understand your loved one’s individual routines and health care needs.
  • Large, secured courtyards for allow for social distancing and safe family visits, as well as regular outdoor exercise.
  • All meals served within household dining rooms, as well as household kitchens that are always fully stocked with a variety of meals and snacks.
  • Safe and engaging enrichment activities through advanced technology, including music, exercise, religious services, art and more.
  • Individual laundry service within private laundry rooms in each household.

Through purposeful design, consistent best practices and a commitment to compassionate care, our household model offers added safety and peace of mind for you and your loved one. 

A Home for Your Loved One

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