Suite Design for Memory Care

“We know that design and environment has a tremendous impact on behavior and emotional happiness.” — Eleanor Alvarez, Founder

At The Ganzhorn Suites, we offer 64 spacious private suites. Each suite reflects careful research and thoughtful planning in the area of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In addition to providing a therapeutic environment, our suites offer all the comforts and elegance of your family’s own home.

Residents are encouraged to bring personal items and accessories to make the space their own. Large sunny windows, adjustable blinds and independent climate controls ensure privacy and comfort. Monitoring technology in each suite also allows us to ensure the safety of every resident without compromising their need for privacy.

Each apartment includes a variety of features that promote safety and independence such as emergency call buttons, and a private bathroom and full shower – just like at home. Each bathroom is built within line-of-sight of the bed and uses specialized lighting to help your loved one navigate at night.

Rooms in our assisted living center are arranged using the “household model”. There are four households in our memory care center, each built around a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. The home-like environment helps residents feel comfortable, which allows them to engage with memory care programs more easily. The size also makes it easier to navigate for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

We offer a beautiful, supportive, and private assisted living setting with a focus on safety and security. Outstanding architectural design and construction create a comprehensive community that supports memory care for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.

We offer four different floor plans within each household. Our fees are based on the floor plan you choose. Our monthly rates are all-inclusive and include a fully furnished private suite, all care and services, routine medical supplies including incontinence products, health and beauty items, personal laundry, and all enrichment activities. Click the images below to see each private suite.

Standard Suite

  • 44 units
  • 209-227sq. feet
  • Starting at $8,800/month

Suite Plus

  • 12 units
  • 234-245sq. feet
  • Starting at $9,100/month

Deluxe Suite

  • 4 units
  • 302sq. feet
  • Starting at $10,100/month

Luxury Suite

  • 4 units
  • 443sq. feet
  • Starting at $12,100/month

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