The Benefits of Specialized Dementia Training: Dementia Care Best Practices Enhance the Quality of Life for Those with Dementia


Whether you are a loved one of someone living with dementia or a professional caregiver, specialized dementia care training can help you better understand the disease process and provide practical tips on how to care for someone with dementia. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is much different than caring for someone who is alert and oriented. With dementia, one may forget words or become non-verbal altogether, forget how to do everyday tasks like dressing, bathing and grooming, or even forget when or how to eat. When these changes occur non-trained caregivers may feel anxious or overwhelmed with how to best assist and care for their loved one.

The good news is that many Alzheimer’s Associations and other professional organizations offer support groups and training programs that provide practical knowledge and hands-on education not only to healthcare professionals but also to the community at large. Specialized training will equip you with critical skills and knowledge to help support your loved one on their personal journey with dementia. Studies show that those with specialized training develop a much deeper understanding of the disease process and are better equipped to serve as caregivers on a long-term basis. Without training, it’s not uncommon for caregivers to become burned out and frustrated which negatively impacts the quality of life for them and their loved one. The best way to cope is by preventing problems before they arise which is why specialized training is so important. In addition to best practices in hands-on caregiving, many training programs teach caregivers how to identify when their loved is moving to a different stage of the disease. The ability to identify and anticipate these changes enables caregivers to adjust their approach and makes for smoother transitions as the disease progresses.

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